BBL Fluffing Stage: What To Count On After A Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL Fluffing Stage: What To Count On After A Brazilian Butt Lift

It’s no secret that everyone is at present all in regards to the booty. From the Kardashians to Cardi B, to posting selfies on Instagram, having a shapely backside is in.

But how is everyone getting this snatched waist and big rump? By getting a Brazilian Butt Lift!

Probably the greatest elements about getting a BBL is that you just look amazing in clothing immediately! However, many women don’t realize that their closing results, which lead to trying nice in a bikini, take a bit longer.

You might be dying to show off your booty cleavage — however that you must watch for the famous "fluffing stage". That is the stage where the booty gets soft and full and you might be ready to begin your twerking career.

What Happens Throughout The BBL Fluffing Stage
Here’s How It Works On a Medical Degree
The fat is liposuctioned from your waist and stomach (or wherever you could have some extra to give up) and grafted into the buttocks.

These fats grafts slowly join with a blood supply that grows in and then they turn into permanent. For the first couple of weeks, there is swelling from the grafting. This swelling is your body bringing healing cells to the realm to feed the new grafts nutrients.

After the first 2 weeks, the swelling begins to subside and the baby blood vessels are beginning to develop in. During these first three weeks, it is important to maintain pressure off the blood vessels to permit them to develop towards the fats grafts (sleeping in your stomach and sitting on a boppy or Best BBL doctor pillow).

For the next couple months, you’ll look good in garments, but when bare, your booty still seems slightly stiff and almost square looking. This is the time to breathe and wait. The fluffing period is about to begin, so hold in there!

BBL Fluffing Stage
Finally, after about 3 months, the small quantity of swelling is starting to go away and the fat has made its house in its new location — your backside!

The term "BBL fluffing" refers to the booty getting nice and soft. The skin relaxes outward so that you see more projection and the booty starts to really look good and round. Some patients have really good soft results right now while others proceed to fluff for the next three months. The nice news is that it just keeps getting softer and more natural looking.

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